Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Mazes (Part 3)

See Part 2 for basic maze instructions. When we did this as a class we spent a lot of time exploring the possibilities which result from the fact that, when you join two points together, as long as your line doesn't cross another line or touch it, your maze is topologically the same.  When you join those first two points you can take your line on as many diversions as you like as long as it doesn't cross or touch.  Like this:

When you enter the maze you can reach every part of it.  As long as your line doesn't touch the edge of the page you can reach every part of the page.

Mazes (Part 2)

Here's how to draw a maze.  Sorry it's taken so long!  When you have drawn the first two pictures in the sequence with the cross and the dots and the four right-angled pieces, pick two adjacent ends or dots and join them together with a bridge.  Then take the next pair of points to the right and left and join them with a bridge.  Continue as shown, but don't cross any lines, or let them touch.